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Putin Controls The Chessboard, Obama’S In Deep Trouble

White Dog

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Ed Snowden told us that we were being spied upon. Everyone, outside the sheep in this country already knew that. Therefore, it is child’s play to conclude that Snowden has damning information which could threaten the survival of the Obama administration. And the fact that Putin controls Snowden’s information release, is a threat to this President. In the years I have been investigating the antics of this criminal government, this is the easiest dot connecting exercise that I have ever seen.

A Measure of Obama’s Desperation

obama-martial-law-2.jpgIn order to capture Snowden and silence him, Obama’s minions used raw force in order to make the jet of the sitting President of Bolivia to land and then proceed to search the plane for Snowden. This was an unmitigated act of war and speaks to Obama’s desperation. As I have previously stated, I believe that it is likely that Michael Hastings had the same information and had to be eliminated. What information, that if made public, could change the world and topple Obama? In order to answer that question, it is important to look at what has been the obvious goals of the Obama administration who serves the Federal Reserve with undying allegiance as well as look at recent events which are related.

1. The Petrodollar ponzi scheme is under extreme pressure as Iran has sold its oil for gold to China, Russian and India. This move is threatening to spread to other Arab nations. Therefore, the Arab Spring was needed to enforce Petrodollar compliance.

2. Obama was moving to attack Iran last fall, when the Chinese and Russians threatened to nuke the United States if we did so.

3. Then the US followed a backdoor plan to weaken Iran by taking down its closest ally, Syria. Our al-Qaeda forces in Syria are proving less formidable than Obama had hoped.

4. The US people are war weary and would not likely support another war. Only a clever and horrific false flag attack which could fool the sheep, would turn the tide of public opinion in favor of going to war.

5. Snowden defects and eventually ends of up in Russia. The importance of this event cannot be overstated.

6. Obama stops beating the war drums as loud against Syria and Iran because Putin is obviously blackmailing Obama with the release of Snowden’s information.

7. Michael Hastings is murdered. He obviously had some of Snowden’s evidence as he was in close contact with WikiLeaks as was Snowden. It becomes easy to believe that Hastings was going to be the conduit to release at least some of Snowden’s revelations. This was another desperate act by a desperate and determined President.

8. The only thing that would cause such desperation among the Obama people to attack the Bolivian President and murder Hastings would be to cover up the fact that a false flag attack was discovered by Snowden and Hastings and Obama is trying to cover his tracks through a strategy of “dead men tell no tales.”

Putin has undoubtedly paralyzed this administration’s foreign policy because he controls the chessboard by controlling the release of Snowden’s information.

There are several events that I can point to which strongly suggests that Chicago could be the first option target of a false flag attack.




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