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Preseason In Less Than 10 Days!


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So our first game against the Rams, do you guys think Chud runs the first team for a few plays, or the whole first?


Are you gonna still be interested in the game when players fighting for contracts are playing during the rest of the game?


Who scores our first TD?


Did anyone buy Mingo, McFadden, Kruger, or Bryant Jerseys this year?


I feel excited about this season and BELIEVELAND is back in the house for 2013, AND WE CAN'T EPICALLY FAIL 3 YEARS IN A ROW!!!!

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No!~ This is the year that we EPICLY WIN BABY! Superbowl or Bust!

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no shit, I almost wish they only play him 1 or 2 possessions


if 'they' are smart that's what they'll do.


as a matter of fact i wouldn't play:








phil thomas




and maybe even weeds if he is our biggest hope @QB this year.


i'd RG3 them all. fuck preseason. preempting injuries at every turn.



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One problem: NOT playing the Browns starters means NOT having this team ready when the bullets fly for real. There is no doubt in my mind that one of the problems why the Browns have had poor starts is because the coaching staffs in the past have not had this team ready to play.

Sure, you want to avoid injuries.....but that lack of diligence, to me, is the major reason that BW3 had a 4 int. game in the first game vs. the Eagles last year. Shurmur never had this team ready to play in his two years here. The same holds true for previous coaches.

Lets have this young offense get its act together by let them get some game time in in the preseason games. Don't baby them.

Can injuries happen that would cause second guessing of playing the starters this way? Sure.

But, in the past they have guaranteed themselves losses by lack of preparedness.

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On offense, the only healthy starter I'd even consider NOT playing is Richardson... but I'd even give him 1 series


On defense, maybe keep out P.Taylor and D. Bryant if they are still recovering... Rubin, Haden, Jackson, Kruger, Ward don't play much


You want to play a quarter with Weeden, Benjamin, Little, Cameron, and the O-line. Also about a quarter for Robertson, Sheard, Gipson (if healthy), and Owens.


Hopefully all the draft picks are healthy so they can play good time to get a feel for the speed of NFL football...

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