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Excellent Home Defense Weapon

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.22 LR ? If you get some nut coming at you on some drug,

I don't think there's time to stop him with enough shots...@@


Now, put that in a .22 magnum, that's different I think.


You have to wonder anymore, about the TSA incidents climbing 26%,

and certain police dept.'s going stark raving berserk with shooting people who

aren't even who they think they are, like also the guy in his garage....


The police over-reacted. When what they "felt" was a fraud, then it's on them.

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Most training is insufficient to prepare your body for what happens when you get an adrenaline rush. Look at the high percentage of US military casualties in recent years that were due to friendly fire. The members of the US armed forces are receiving the best training in the world, and they still fuck up. Now take a look at the training these cops get; it doesn't amount to shit, and it's not surprising that there's an incident like this every few days.


Anecdotally, I remember playing paintball at Pinnacle Woods, and I was up against the side of a bus, moving toward the front of it. As I rounded the corner, a guy on the opposing team did the same thing and I found myself face to face with him. We scared the shit out of each other, and I just remembered firing my gun as rapidly as I could, while trying to move back into cover. He did the same thing. I'd imagine we each got off around 15 rounds in 5-10 seconds. Funny thing is, neither of us hit each other. Unless you're a cop with SWAT training, your training is inadequate for a situation where you need to use your firearm.

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I would hope it would scare the crap out of a druggie burglar.....


Vapor, you are correct - like with ccw training - it should be more. I'd like to get

more training if the day ever comes, God forbid, that years from now, I might

be in a confrontation and have no choice but to use my gun in some shootout.


It'll never happen. But someday, the way things are going... It is different with our troops - they KNOW the enemy

is out to kill them and they have to make split second decisions. Accidents happen.


But with police overreacting - they didn't see a gun. I'm sure the guy didn't point his keys like a gun.

And "lunging" isn't a shootable offense, eh? How do they know the man wasn't deaf? The police

had every opportunity to stay behind cover and wait until they had clear reason to respond to a legit deadly threat.

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