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Anthony Sowell, Now Mike Madison...white Serial Killers Getting A Bad Rap.


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In response to overwhelming statistics that blacks commit the most crimes and abandon their children more than any other race, some dim wit liberals are quick to spout .. "Well, serial kllers and child molesters are mostly white guys nya nya." lol


Clevelands own Anthony Sowell and Michael Madison join the long list of black serial killers that many never heard of.


It's clear that the media doesn't make a big deal about black serial killers, after all, whites gotta be worse than blacks at something.

To be fair, the two black Washington D.C. snipers (which I believe aren't in the video) were covered extensively.


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So your are trying to attack a point no one has ever made? Amazing!

You are a delusional crazy person. The media is totally out to get you though


Must have hit a nerve again with Woody the whiner!


Many have made the claim that only whites are serial killers, try and keep up.

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