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I'm a Frederick Douglas republican and didn't know it (fixed)


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As K. Carl Smith explains in his book, Frederick Douglass has provided all Americans with four Life-Empowering Values that, if taught in all communities, could help save America:
Respect for the Constitution
Respect for Life
Limited Government
Personal Responsibility
Throughout his book, Mr. Smith provides example after example of Frederick Douglass’ writings.
This weekend, RedState Gathering attendees in New Orleans were treated to a short 30-minute summary of Frederick Douglass’ story, his lessons, his values, and his message by his messenger, Frederick Douglass Republican K. Carl Smith.


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Actually we have to find racism over and over as the believe that one race is superior or inferior genetically. Agreeingwith black conservatives would actually mean that someone is not racist but only agrees or disagrees with their particular philosophies whatever they may be. I'm sure you've seen black conservatives called Uncle Tom's. Do you think that's racism? For instance often times people who voted against Barack Obama are called racist. Still if that same person wood and Susie astic Lee vote for Condoleezza Rice or Alan Keyes wouldn't that mean something to you?
I maintain that squealing about racism is a crock of shit in almost all cases. And disingenuous. And cynical.

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