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WKHS @ Brookhaven Saturday Evening

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Indeed! WOLVES WIN! What a fall this has been!


http://dispatch.com/live/content/sports ... ml?sid=101


A outstanding game; Lister Jr is quite sore and tired this morning...just getting up and shuffeling around


Next up Hilliard Davidson; a chance to avenge our loss to them earlier this season


All are welcome to join Mrs Lister and I!


Go Lister Jr!


GO WOLVES!!!!!!!!!

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One thing that really made me laugh yesterday was Lister Jr actually eating TWO burritos from Chipotle; then went to the school at two for the pregame meal....the boy can eat!


Wow...two of those monsterous things? I ate one once and the wife made me stay in the garage until the "after affects" subsided.


Congrats on your boys big season Lister and good luck against Hilliard!



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Ahhh ... the ole Hilliard Davidson .... they took a State Title away from Mentor two seasons ago, and I don't think I'll ever get over it.


Good Luck Lister Jr.!

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