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The Final Four

The Gipper

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And then there were 4......and 3 out of the 4 come from Northeast Ohio. On History's Top Shot.


William Bethards from Fredericksburg VA was eliminated in last night's show.


The Final 4 are:


Gary Quesenberry, Cleveland Ohio

Brian Zins, Girard Ohio

Chris Cerino, Wadsworth, Ohio

Phil Morden, Milford, Michigan


I would say that same ratio applies to football. Three good players come from Ohio to 1 good one from Michigan.





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I thought cerino would win. I'm disappointed

He caught stuck on the crossbow loading process and that killed him. I understand that Quesenberry too lives in Medina County. (of all the millions of people in this country...two out of the last 4 live in the same county as I do. Oorah.

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