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Just a few more facts and figures about Browns history, focusing some on statistical leaders:


1. Colt McCoy's 40 completions on 10/2/11 vs. Titans is the #8 all time most passes completed in a game in NFL History.


2. When on 12/10/09 the Browns sacked Ben Roethlisberger for 60 yards, it is the third most sack yardage lost by a team in NFL history. Only Matt Ryan of the Falcons and Gregg McElroy of the Jets ever lost more yards by sack in a game.

In that same game, the 8 sacks by the Browns were the 6th most number of sacks by a team in NFL history (tied)


3. On 10/2/1960 Milt Plum had a 22.0 yards per attempt passing average in a game. This is #1 all time in NFL history in that statistic.


4. Milt Plum's passer rating of 110.4 in that 1960 season is 9th best all time (surpassed by guys like Montana/Young, P. Manning, Brady, Rodgers)


5. Otto Graham and Jeff Garcia each had 99 yard TD passes for the Browns. Both tied for the longest in history.


6. Otto Graham holds 3 of the top 10 seasons of all time in yards per pass attempt per season. (He has #2,3,6.


7. Frank Ryan's 9.8% TD percentage in the 1963 season is the 8th all time in NFL history in that statistic (#1 is Sid Luckman in 1943...13.9%)


8. Bernie Kosar in 1986 and Brian Sipe in 1979 each had 7 game winning drives. These are tied for 2nd most in NFL history. (most is a tie between Eli Manning in 2011 and Jake Delhomme in 2003 with 8)


9. In 1978 the NFL went from playing 14 games to 16 games. Prior to that year, a running back only gained 1500 or more yards 6 times:

1958 Jim Brown

1963 Jim Brown

1965 Jim Brown

1973 OJ Simpson

1975 OJ Simpson

1976 OJ Simpson


that's it. Many many rushers have gone for more than 1500 since in the 16 game season (but I don't know how many got it in 14 games)


10. The 5 highest career yards per rush attempt in history are held by the following:

Marion Motley

Bobby Mitchell

Jim Brown

Bo Jackson

Spec Sanders (1940s NY Yanks)


11. If Trent Richardson could gain 1500 yards this season he would catapult into 10th place all time in Browns career rushing yards behind only: Jim Brown, Leroy Kelly, Mike Pruitt, Greg Pruitt, Mack, Motley, Byner, Ernie Green, and Jamal Lewis.


12. If Brandon Weeden could throw for 4000 yards he would catapult to #9 in Browns all time career passing yards behind Sipe, Otto, Bernie, Ryan, Couch, Nelsen, Plum, Phipps. If he could get 4315 yards he would pass Phipps.

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