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Testiment to the AFC North


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I compiled some interest stats about the Browns last 3 seasons and the type of teams they have been playing. I'll share these with you guys to see how YOU react.


First - Browns opponents' overall combined record over the past 3 years (NOT including games when they played against the Browns)


Overall - W 289 - L 287


Just over .500, again NOT including our record against them which would boost it much higher (add 34 wins and 14 losses)


Second - and more interestingly, Browns opponents who have went on to become playoff teams in the year we played them, over the past 3 years... you ready...


24/48 - 50%


Half of the teams we have played over the past 3 years were eventual playoff teams.


In the past 3 years:

We have played 13 AFC Playoff teams (7 we played twice in the same year)

4 NFC Playoff teams

5 of the last 6 AFC Championship game participants (3 of those 5 we played twice each year)

We have played 1 SB Loser (twice in the same year), and

1 SB Champion (twice in the same year)


Hasn't been an easy road to get through our division and our schedule. Just goes to show how important those divisional games are going to be this year if we want to do ANYTHING...



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I'd be interested to see how that compares to the rest of the NFL. It does seem like we always get the former bottom dwellers to playoff teams each year (which will be the chiefs this year IMO, colts last year). I mean I understand how the NFL schedules work but it does seem to happen.

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Here is a list of all the teams who have NOT made the playoffs the past 3 seasons, and the percentage of their schedules which were against eventual playoff teams, over the past 3 seasons:


Browns - 50% 24/48

Titans - 43.8% 21/48

Bills - 41.7% 20/48

Buccaneers - 41.7% 20/48

Panthers - 41.7% 20/48

Rams - 41.7% 20/48

Cardinals - 39.6% 19/48

Cowboys - 37.5% 18/48

Dolphins - 37.5% 18/48

Jaguars - 37.5% 18/48

Raiders - 33.3% 16/48

Chargers - 33.3% 16/48

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Here is a little more information: The AFC North was formed in the 2002 season (previous the AFC Central had 6 teams with Jax/Tenn. part of the division)


Since 2002, not counting the Browns record, the division has gone 298-228-2 for a .566 win pct.


With the Browns the division is 359-343-2 for a .511 win pct. (I ignored the ties when computing the pcts.)


Steelers are 113-62-1 in that period

Ravens are 104-72

Bengals are 81-94-1

Browns are 61-115.


Lovely to be shed of the Lerner ownership. Since 2002 the Browns have averaged 10.45 losses per season.

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Like I have said in the past... if our FO and coaches wants to be successful, they NEED to bring in players and develop schemes to beat the teams in our division. You CANNOT go 0-6, 1-5, 2-4 in our division and expect to do anything.


I think this year we finally have some of the weapons (solid o-line, solid front 7) to compete. THIS is the year we split the division.

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Not sure what you can infer from that statistic, but is is an interesting way of looking at SoS...

I think one thing you can say is that this division has been killer in that 3 year span.


The other 3 AFCN teams have only had one "bad" season in that time, Bengals 4-12 in 2010:


Bengals: 4-12, 9-7, 10-6

Ravens: 12-4, 12-4, 10-6 (but win SB in that 10-6 season)

Steelers: 12-4, 12-4, 8-8


OK, it helped all these teams to have 2 games each year with the 10.45 loss per year Browns., but they were all still pretty good.

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Gif, when you retire we have your replacement... :)


The whole "we led the league in playing eventual playoff teams" is a dubious honor at best. Says more about our being a win contenders have been able to pencil in than our SoS.


Especially so when you consider that often 2 (or more) of our fellow AFCN'ers have been playoff teams.

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As I predicted, Ravens hung in for a half before Manning unleashed his shock-and-awe for a decisive second half rout of the ratbirds.


Super bowl champs will be looking to get better quick against their next opponent in their home opener......Browns


I am a one-game-at-a-time guy but 9/15 is not looking good.


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