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The left's love for dictators


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Remember when Pelosi defied Bush and the rest, to go visit assad?


Remember Obamao having dinner with Chavez, and accepting the gift from him?


Remember all the left's love for Fidel? All the left hollywood love for Chevez?


Even whats his name,the weirdo pro basketball player going to visit "his friend" -

the premier of N. Korea.


Apparently, the left loves and flocks to those with power the left wishes it had. ?

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Are you now considering Dennis Rodman a prominent liberal?


The thread topic says "the left" not "prominent liberals", try and stay on track sport.


Rodman is not a prominent liberal but rather one of those 2nd tier tards that occasionally make the news.

Hope that helped.





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So I can find any conservative I want, find him or her doing something stupid, and then say "This is what all conservative do! They're so bad!"


Hey shit for brains...Cal said "the left", you said "prominent liberals". You could say "this is what conservatives do" and that would be fair.


Really Woody, is this what it has come down to? ...having to explain this to you?

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Actually it's reasonably simple. I'd say most dictators come into power from the left. You're always going to have more destitute people to stir up against whoever the king or the movers and shakers or the rich blah blah blah. You know, the People's Revolution and all that shit. Then the new boss is the same as the old boss but they keep that mantra of fighting for the working class alive.


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