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its never to early more mock drafts!


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  • 1st Round
  • brownsb_logo.gifCleveland Browns: Tajh Boyd, QB, Clemson Clemson_logo.gif
    So much for the whole Brandon Weeden being good thing. Weeden was absolutely terrible in the season opener and followed that up with another stinker at Baltimore. The Browns desperately need a franchise quarterback if they want to make the playoffs for the first time since the 2002 season.

    Tajh Boyd is not just a runner; he completed 67.2 percent of his passes last year while maintaining a 9.1 YPA and a 36-to-13 touchdown-to-interception ratio. He was very impressive in the season opener versus Georgia.

brownsb_logo.gif Cleveland Browns: Bradley Roby, CB, Ohio State OhioState_logo.gif
The Browns acquired this pick in the Trent Richardson trade. Click the link to check out my grades for both teams.

I'm sure Cleveland would love to land an offensive play-maker for its new quarterback here, but all three wideouts are gone and there's no running back worth taking. Thus, they'd have to "settle" for the No. 1 cornerback in this class. They need an upgrade over Buster Skrine, who's currently starting across from Joe Haden.

Bradley Roby considered declaring for the 2013 NFL Draft. If he had, he may have been a top-six selection, which should tell you how much better this class is compared to last year's (I had him going 14th in a previous update). Roby had a ridiculous 17 pass break-ups as a redshirt sophomore. He has gotten into legal trouble recently, but perhaps the Colts will forgive his only him, given that he has been given a second chance by Ohio State.



2nd Round

  • brownsb_logo.gifCleveland Browns: Donte Moncrief, WR, Ole Miss Mississippi_logo.gif
    Greg Little appeared to have fixed his issues with drops toward the end of last season, but his problems have resurfaced early this season. The Browns have to find a legitimate No. 2 wideout for their new quarterback.

3rd round

  • brownsb_logo.gifCleveland Browns: Bishop Sankey, RB, Washington Washington_logo.gif
    I suppose the Browns need to find a new running back in the wake of the Trent Richardson trade. Once again, you can see my grades for both Cleveland and Indianapolis by clicking the link.
    • brownsb_logo.gifCleveland Browns: Tre Boston, S, North Carolina NorthCarolina_logo.gif
      More secondary help for the Browns, who could use someone to challenge Tashaun Gipson at safety.





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Besides the season itself the Draft is my favorite part of the year. Not because as a Browns fan that we are always picking in the top 10 but because of what can happen and looking back at what should have happened.


Unfortunately I believe we are going to be picking in the top 3-4 in the draft next year. Jacksonville will be up there as well as possibly Oakland and the Jets.


We are definitely going QB with our first overall pick. If we go that direction then hopefully it is at least Boyd or Bridgewater. We could probably trade down and still get McCarron if the team wanted to go that direction. Could take a chance and see if Manziel falls to the late 2nd (we would use our 3rd picks to get back into the 2nd) or to the 3rd. I DO NOT want Manziel but I'm not the one making decisions so we have to put his name in here because it is a possibility. Not sure about the Oregon QB.


With the second pick I wouldn't be suprised if we go OG, CB, RB or WR. Gipson seems like he is doing an adequate job with the FS position. If our OGs can get healthy and stay healthy then we may be able to focus on other areas of need. Besides Roby and the Florida Gator CBs I'm not sure who else is coming out in this years draft. CB is probably our most important need besides QB in my opinion. Thomas, the RB out of Oregon would be an interesting draft pick because of his speed. Of course several RBs are going to be UFAs at the end of this year, Darren McFadden, MJD, Mendenhall and Ben Tate. Tate is the only one I would take as the others can be labeled as injury prone. As bad as Little has been this year I do believe WR is something we can wait on until the 2nd round of the draft.


With the 2nd and 3rd round picks we draft the whatever the team determines is the next most important position out of the four that I mentioned above.


The rest of the draft is to provide depth at the rest of the positions on the team. Maybe also get a Kicker somewhere in there, not sure Cundiff is a long term solution.

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