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Browns Bengals 80s Theme Tailgate


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Our home opener tailgate was a success. We had 81 people party with us. As for every tailgate we are in the same spot. Half way down on the highway side of the muni lot. We have two browns canopies, and a blue tarp for our pisser 2000 setup.


This tailgate is 80's theme. From 80's movie sound bytes to, music, it is a throw back weekend. Bust out the 80's rock band shirts, stone wash jeans or aquanet.


We will have some dogs, brats burgers, some good home made sides, and a keg or two. I get down there at 230 am to set up. You dont have to bring anything. Cost is 15 dollars. You get a bracelet which prevents free loaders..


My cell is 860 7070595..


It is a great time. We clean up at 1130 so we can head to the stadium at 12.

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Sounds like a great time.


I think for the most part the members who tailgate here are a bit more reserved since even factoring the 20 somethings who show, the average age is probably 40-45. Doesn't mean we don't have a good time, we would rather just hit the lot mid morning and go eat lunch at one of the restaurants.


I didn't know you could get in the Muni that early anymore. I thought they didn't open it up until 7am...it's why there was a major traffic jam downtown at the last game.


Have a great time. I usually hit the Muni for a while at least once a season, and when i do I'll look you up. I have a pretty good idea where you are. Over the years I have spent plenty a early morning in the Muni.


This next game I will be in the Flats for a while to say hi to some old friends. Not like we have been friends all that long. They are just old. :P Then to my seats at 11am....I do my tailgating in the club section these days. It's why I moved there. Just chill and watch all the NFL pregame shows and eat and drink their expensive food and beverage....it cuts down on my drinking, which is a good thing. I can nurse a $9 beer a whole lot better than I can a $6 6pack.

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