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Post combine mock draft


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I made a mock before the combine and i changed my mind on a couple of pick.

So here is my pre combine mock :

4th pick : Teddy Twatwater, QB Louisville

26th pick : Allen Robinson, WR Penn State

35th pick : Keith McGill, CB Utah

71st pick : Tre Mason, RB Auburn

83rd pick : Christian Jones, MLB Florida State

102sd pick : Brandon Linder, OG Miami

123rd pick : Will Clarke, DE West Virginia

133rd pick : Trey Milliard, FB Oklahoma

164th pick : L'Damian Washington, WR Missouri

195th pick : Cornelius Lucas, OT Kansas State


Now here's the update :

4th pick : Sammy Watkins, WR Clemson

26th pick : CJ Mosley, ILB Alabama

35th pick : AJ Mccarron, QB Alabama

71st pick : Keith McGill, CB Utah

83rd pick : Will Clarke, DE West Virginia

102sd pick : Andre Williams, RB Boston College

123rd pick : Brandon Linder, OG Miami

133rd pick : Trey Millard, FB Oklahoma

164th pick : Max Bullought, ILB Michigan State

195th pick : Danny Kistler Jr, OT Montana


Soooooo... I'm scared about the measurments of the first rounds QBs. I mean bridgewater, Carr Garropollo they have small hands. I know it might be overrated but last time i Check there's no starting QB's in the NFL with those hands. It's just a statistical concern but I'm scared. Then there's manziel. He's a great player and plays really hard but he is small men... In the AFC North it's a concern.

So i choose Mccarron who has the perfect body to play in the NFL. I was really impressed when he threw at the combine. He was really accurate. And He's a proven winner. He played and won in a nfl level team and conference.

That's why i take Watkins 4th. Amazing talent, great combine performance and that would give AJ/hoyer so many great weapons.

Then i choose CJ Mosley with the 26th pick. Since DQ was realesed, we have a huge need inside. I think he can really be our next DQ. Trumendous instinct, football IQ and a great tackler. Some teams are concern about his health so i think he can slip in late first round.


What do you think ?

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i would trade down and get another pick and pick evans over watkins every day.


williams looked like shit at the combine. you know he didn't catch one pass coming out of the backfield for BC last year correct? and i think he caught one of like ten thrown to him at the combine. no thanks.

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