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If you could be the GM of NFL team this year...


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Who would it be?


Yes, I'm a Bills fan, but I am also a Browns fans as I'm originally from Cleveland (moved to Buffalo b4 I knew what football was <---built in excuse). Anyway, I'm much more excited about the Browns off-season, FA, and draft this year. With 10 picks and a butt load of cash, the first year of the Pettine era will get us off the porch and running with the big dogs!


Admittedly, I don't know much in the area of needs for the Browns outside QB, RB, and WR. Yeah, DQ is gone, but is there a succession plan in place...does he have an understudy that can plug and play? How about DE? TJ Ward may be out too, so there's a need for a safety.


Just get Mack locked up so you can concentrate on other things.


Don't break the bank on another CB. Don't want any impact on future decisions by our #1 guy. There's a fist full of guys that can come in and play at a high level.


Now, there's a lot of speculation about the Byrd man as being a target. Personally, I think it'd be a great move. Cleveland can certainly afford it and he's still an ascending player. However, I believe there is a better chance than any media outlet has let on that the Bills want him back and the feeling is mutual...


At QB, Schaub is interesting to me. I really don't think Houston is going to pony up the $10M he's due and may release him. Now, I'm not saying he's the savior, as last season would indicate, but he'd be a great vet presence to push the competition with Hoyer and a day 2 draft selection. I'm thinking Garoppolo in rd. 2.


RB is a BIG need. Forget Tate. Don't overpay for the guy. I'd go foer Gereheart (sp). He's not a letteral type guy, but he can handle a big part of a 2 back load. Grab your speedy, outside guy in the draft.


WR...as I see it, this is a huge need. Gordon is BOSS, but you need someone on the other side of the field to take some attention away from him. A playmaker, not Decker or Nicks (too much $$ and attention away from Mr. G). A guy like Tate, or Roberts. They'll be a solid distraction while ya grab a big play threat in the draft. I know it;ll be hard to pass up Clowney, Mack or a QB @ 4, but Wtkins is a special talent...imagine a WR Cor of Gordon, Watkins & Tate/Roberts with Cameron in the middle of it all...


Reily, McClain and Spikes are all interesting prospects for the middle of the D and if not Byrd, ya still have a shot with Ward and Delmas is still out there too.


Adding a guy like Houston to the DL would be awesome as well.


Onto the draft...OHHHH the possibilities that 10 picks hold! Even after FA, I don't see the big board in Cleveland changing all that much.


1(a) Watkins WR - Big time threat, no one can double Gordon and with a FA signing like Tate/Roberts, you're looking at one of the best Trio's of WR in the NFL eventually.


1b Carr QB - Per initial reports, Carr is favored by Cleveland, and here he is. I'd rather take Garoppolo given the fact he's played in a similar climate and, to me, there's little difference in skill set. I think they're both day 2 picks, but some have Carr as a possible late 1st. So, I'll go with Carr, regardles if the "favor" is a smoke screen.


2 - Sankey RB - Kids measurables are impressive. Good lateral back that'll be the other side of the change of pace duo with Gereheart (sp).


3(a) Attaochou OLB - Raw, but a very talented pass rusher who could become the steal of the draft


3b Clarke DE - Again, raw, but this kids got great size and he put on a show Sr. week


4(a) Bitonio OL - A starting OG in round 4, yes please! Dominating run blocker and can hold his own in pass protection


4b McCullers DT - A mountain of a young man. excellent rotational player that adds to an exhisting strength


5 Brown ILB - This guy is built like a bowling ball. Tough as nails and has some pretty damn good lateral quickness for a 250 pounder.


6 & 7 can be special teamers and depth at other areas of need.


All in all, I fully expect an exciting FA and draft out of Cleveland. I really believe they are on the cusp of becomming a very good football team. I can't wait to see what Pettine and O'Neil do with the D.

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Tough crowd...not even a "troll" response???

I think it was just one person's speculation to which the response was "eh, maybe". That plus you may have deluged us with too much of it and just got a bleary eye.....so everyone just moved on. You wanted us to swallow the cow whole.

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I'd sit on my fat ass and count my bills.


Pun Intended?

If I were GM it would be the browns, and the first I would do is offer Brandon weeden a huge contract.















Then outburst with an evil laugh and say "just kidding your fucking fired"

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