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Play the Draft

Harry Buffalo

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Just found this last night and it is an interesting concept. Imagine if the Stock Market and NFL Draft had a sloppy one night stand and they popped out a bastard child. That would be this game.


PLAY THE DRAFT® is an intuitive, easy to play fantasy game experience. Gameplay is simple enough to attract and entertain the full spectrum of sports fans from super avid to casually social. All users begin play with $12,000,000 of fantasy salary cap dollars in a fund. Users can buy, sell or watch draft stocks looking for undervalued athletes relative to where you THINK they will be selected in the draft. There is no limit on the number of trades, and the highest fund value for each competition at the conclusion of the third round of the draft wins. Simple. Fun. Interactive. Don’t just watch the draft this year, PLAY THE DRAFT®!

The fantasy draft stocks of athletes competing for selection in the draft are assigned a value based on a proprietary pricing engine that calculates the consensus predictions of actual draft order, represented by the “FRX Index” (e.g. a 3.4 FRX Index means an athlete is trending towards the third overall selection) and the “Price” represents the estimated rookie salary cap figure assigned to that particular selection. Pricing is dynamic and changes daily as new information on athletes and team needs becomes available, so stay informed by reviewing articles and analysis from content partners.


I started a league names Browns Board, if you are interested in joining and trying it out just send my your email and I can send you an invite.

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Well Congrats to JCAM who won by simply sitting on his cash and never buying a player... :)


While not an action game, it was fun and certainly made me think about player value in a different way.

Had some huge winners like Jimmie Ward , Beckham, Jr. and Sankey, but they were more than offset by big slides of Robinson, Yankey, Borland and Desir.


Will happily do it again next year with hopefully enough other members to warrant the awarding of a Browns Board Trophy.

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