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Director A nailed The Wrestler. He understands the human condition and transfers it to film in a meaningful way.


Not so sure I'll be on line to watch the ark. err, make that noah


sounds bloody preposterous to me.


Black Swan done very well also. Edgy, subliminal erotic overtures make this a great date movie for all dirty , nasty girls.



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A fantastic movie that should be awarded numerous academy awards. It brings the word to the people of the Bible. Fantastic movie. And fuck you peckerhead and all the other athetists.

Except it seems to be "fundamentalists" that are the biggest critics of the movie because it veers to a great extent from some of the details in the biblical version.

Example, in the bible, Noah's sons are all three married with wives. In the movie only Shem has a woman, the Emma Watson character, and they are not married even, I don't think. Ham has no wife, and Japheth is just a young boy.

Further example: There is no stowaway on the Ark in the Bible. In the movie Jubal Cain stows away.

In the Bible, Noah talks to God just one time. Not numerous times as in the movie. God sure did not tell Noah to kill children as he was planning to do.

Then there were the Watchers. Nothing like them appears in the Noah account in the Bible, but I understand they do appear in the Book of Enoch.


I guess the point is, if the movie stuck strictly with the Biblical version, there would be no movie. The movie had to create 'non biblical" storylines for the purpose of creating conflict plot devices.

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I agree with most of this except the following:

A There is nowhere in the Biblical account where Noah was inviting people into the Ark. Only he, his wife, his 3 sons and their wives were invited.

B. There were "Watchers" in the Bible, in Enoch, but I don't know that they interacted with Noah. What form they took, no one knows...Rock Monsters are probably as good a guess as any.

C. It is a fictionalized version of a story...the key word being story. There was probably a great flood somewhere in history...possibly around the Black Sea and there are many versions of the legend and myth of the flood. The Biblical story is just one of them.

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I'm guessing that Mashable is one of the sources here. Keep in mind, kiddies, that we are only speculating that these might have been a rock monsters. From what is actually written they could have just as easily looked like Davy Crockett or Captain Jean Luc Picard.


if, in fact, they had anything whatsoever to do with the story of Noah. Which is nowhere in evidence.



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