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#4 Overall

The Gipper

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The Browns have the #4 overall pick. What kind of a player should we expect to get with that pick? On the whole, a pretty good one.


Here are the "Heroes" chose with the #4 overall pick in the past: (Italics: HOF)


Byron "Whizzer" White. (if not on the football field, in legal circles. Former US Supreme Ct. Justice)

Otto Graham

Babe Parilli

Gary Collins

Gale Sayers

Bob Griese

Joe Greene

John Hannah

Walter Payton

Joe Washington

Lou Michaels

Ed Budde

Russ Washington

Marvin Powell

Dan Hampton

Kenny Easley

Chris Hinton

Chris Doleman

Derrick Thomas

Willie McGinest

Jonathan Ogden

Charles Woodson

Edgerinn James

Justin Smith

Phillip Rivers

D'Brickashaw Ferguson


But...have there been some "Zeroes" taken at #4 overall? Oh yes....but fewer bad than good. Here are some of the bad:


Veryl Switzer RB

Don Allard QB (5 career games)

Richie Lucas QB

Scott Appleton DT

Phil Olsen DT (not to be confused with Merlin...though..he may have been his brother)

Wayman Bryant LB

Art Schlichter QB

Kenny Jackson WR

Brent Fullwood RB

Keith McCants LB

Aaron Curry LB

Mike William OT

Gaines Adams DE (but, he died, so he has an excuse)


There have been other middle of the road choices. Lets hope the Browns choice joins the former group instead of the latter.

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speaking of Aaron Curry...shout out to Alouisious!


Curry isn't a zero per se, but at 4th overall he certainly didn't live up to his draft position. Alo had me believing there for a minute. hey if we could predict the future...


curious what his thoughts are on Mack.

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We shall take this hero




Otto Graham re-incarnate


Make it happen Farmer.. Let JFF take us to the promised land. He will break 10 steelers ankles in the backfield leaving Pollywannacracker in deep zone coverage vs Gordon and Cameron.. He will toss up a 55 yard bomb that will land gracefully into Jordan Camerons hands as he leaps into the air and comes down with 2 feet in the corner of the red zone. Of course this is after Gordon already torched them for 6 passes 100yds and a TD of his own. Johnny has 60 rushing yards on 8 attempts... Tate has 100yds rushing averaging 4.4 ypc. This is the browns future.. running shannahans zone blocking scheme.. with the elite Johnny football behind center.


Just let it happen.


Because mark my words over here folks.. if Johnny is there at 4.. and we pass..


There will be the fumble.. the drive... the move.. the decision.. and the mistake


People who doubt him always pay, and they pay dearly. Not a kid you want to bet against.


Cheers fellow browns fans.. cheers

Ride the hype wave its much more fun, just drink the kool aid

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I gave up Kool-Aid when I turned 12...


No thank you...


LOL, I gave it up in college, but then it had an active ingredient. And PGL- (thanks for stopping by) we're a lot less qb centric over here, and apparently so is Pettine. :) Farmer just said they know who they want, and reading between the lines it sounds like no trade up, because they have plans B - H covered if he's already gone.


Will Shep kill himself if they don't draft a qb @ #4? We're standing by.

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