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All Aboard, Woody ! It's RFID forced compliance science


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as predicted by this moron.


But it's okay, you call the Bible funny names....


you won't worry when you are RFID'd with "666", right?


But seriously, this is really screwed up:



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That's pretty cool actually. There is a lot of potential there. I am all for the advancement of technology. Yes, it could totally be abused, but anything can be abused.


Also, this is a good example of how amazing and how far RFID technology has come. It provides a better case to put them in guns.




Also, yes, I will continue to call the bible "names". Then again, calling it a fairy tale story book is pretty much accurate. As much name calling as the Simpsons a cartoon.

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You want to hobnob with the Dark Lord of Mordor,


you go for it, Gollum.


Me, I'd rather be a hobbit. Or Gandalf.


I'm not giving up my guns, and I ain't a-goin to let no

sicko put any RFID inside of me.


You libs watch too many science-fiction horror flicks....


I'm a-thinkin, mehbe, that the Amish had some good ideas........

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That's because I don't live in Conn. I can't "go be Amish", you simpleton.


But being off the grid to a point is a good thing, it seems. Being self-reliant,

growing our own food, raising chickens and pheasants, being prepared for shtf,

plenty of firewood, bartering with friends....


Read some history. Just once. Have a resource for developing your first genuine ideas about

big subjects.


Grow some antlers and eat some spinach - your reason is pretty weak, for the two times you actually endeavored

to grow outside of your little woody world.

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Well, there's the microwave...and fridge and freezer... and TV.


And NCIS, and old westerns and old movies on TMC.... and highly filtered, ultra pure well water...


and our car and farm equipment....


but other than that...it's good to eat good, naturally grown produce

with no artificial spray nothin, etc...


And when we go on vacations, etc, we'll take dried pineapple, blueberries and apple slices

over every single snack food at some gas station...

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