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My First Ever Mock Draft


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This is my mock draft based on Clowney, Robinson and Mack going 1,2,3


Take it easy on me....I am still learning :)


4 Sammy Watkins ... WR ... Clemson

26 Kyle Fuller ...CB ... Virginia Tech

35 Zach Mettenberger ... QB...LSU

71 Chris Borland ... ILB...Wisconsin

83 Charles Sims ...RB...West Virginia

106 Marcus Martin ...OG...USC

127 J.C Copeland ...FB ... LSU

145 Seantrel Henderson ... OT ...Miami

180 Kenny Ladler ... S ...Vanderbilt

218 Jordan Lynch ... QB...Northern Illinois

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It certainly doesn't look bad, good even. My only grips would be for some of your late round picks, which in all honesty comes down to personal opinion and at those rounds its a crap shoot anyway.


I will say that spending a 4th round pick on a FB is NOT worth it. Copeland will be there in the 5th, or even 6th if he is the guy you wanna bring in. If we do draft a FB, I think it will be the guy we have brought in for an interview, though his name escapes me. I also don't think Lynch is worth being drafted. There will be a better QB prospect either drafted earlier, or still available to us in the 7th round. I don't even think Lynch has the talent to stick it out as a teams 3rd QB in the NFL for more than 2 seasons.

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First five picks are money, I would be very happy with them. The rest as Harry said are matter of preference. I do kind of think you took Copeland too high and I doubt we intend to pick up a FB since we acquired the guy from the Bengals. I dont think Ladler will be there in the 6th but he might.

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I wouldn't be upset with that at all.


You never know how things are going to play out, but I think fuller, Borland, and Sims won't make it that long. I love those 3 prospects and I'm sure some GM is going to pull the trigger on them sooner then what they are projected.


I don't care for Watkins at 4. Given how deep this draft is and he isn't in the mold of a Calvin Johnson or A.J. Green. If we don't love a QB, Clowney isn't there, and we can't trade back, he is tied with Mack as BPA so I couldn't be that disappointed.

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Where's all this Mettenberger love come from all of a sudden?! He'll be there in round 3 or 4.

mettenberger is now tied with bridgewater in a lot of 'draft gurus' rankings.


here's how mayock has it now:








i think he was always in that range before his injury last year (which made him drop). he had his pro day and looked healthy and he did really well so i'm guessing a lot of teams just are going off of that. he's got the prototypical size and a great arm but IMO isn't mobile enough.

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