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Browns hire Offensive Line Coach


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I didn't see this posted anywhere, so... http://www.theredzone.org/absolutenm/templ...61&zoneid=1


BEREA, Ohio -- Cleveland coach Eric Mangini has hired former San Francisco assistant George Warhop as his offensive line coach but does not have much to say about what changes he plans with the Browns.


In his second news conference since he was hired on Jan. 7, Mangini, fired by the New York Jets after last season, said Wednesday he has spent much of the past month evaluating Cleveland's roster and preparing for free agency and the NFL draft. He still has "four of five" staff openings to fill.


Mangini said he has not met all of the Browns under contract and that he has not reached a decision on whether he'll keep both of the team's top quarterbacks, Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn.

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Guest Aloysius

From 2005:


It remains to be seen whether the Cowboys' offensive line will perform at a higher level under the direction of former tight ends coach Tony Sparano.


But one thing is certain: Parcells is glad Sparano is in charge rather than George Warhop, who was fired after last season and is now with San Francisco.


"I thought we had too much inconsistency," Parcells said of last season. "I didn't particularly like the chemistry on the offensive coaching staff. I thought there were way too many excuses, too many mental errors and not enough accountability, and just about anything else you want to add to that.


"It's a business thing, and sometimes you have to make hard decisions. We couldn't stay the same."

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it really concerns me that mangina hired a guy from a team with a horrible offensive line. this also reminds me of why lerner even hired mangina in the first place. below .500 record and nobody else even interviewed him. oh the humanity



How many teams were looking for a O-line coach at the time we hired him??



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Falls into the catogory of "Don't believe all you read or hear". Again, more feeding on the negative and most here never heard of the guy before he was hired. Parcell's fired this guy but he liked Carthon. So, what does it mean that Parcells didn't like his style?


Come on do you think Mangini actually said let's go get the worst guy we can find as a OL coach. Read some of the articles on him. He is very well respected as a OL coach in the NFL. If he sucked, he would have so many years working in the league.


Some talk about SF's line giving up all those sacks. Look who the QB was and look at what he had to work with. That line helped make Frank Gore a star. Nolan thought enough about him to hire him.


Look at Tucker. Our defense sucked, so why would anybody ever hire him. How about Chud or Grantham? Every coach gets fired and most because they are not a fit for a scheme of a new coach or maybe their personalities just don't match. Or, maybe a coach just wants his guy.


Before we hang this guy on a cross does anybody know what type of blocking scheme he teaches?

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During his five years with the Cardinals' offensive line, Warhop tutored a group through a steady decline in quarterback sacks allowed from the 78 surrendered in 1997 before his arrival � 50 (1998), 45 (1999), 35 (2000) to 29 (2001). The latter was the second fewest in franchise history in a 16-game season, trailing only the 22-sack effort of the 1978 line.


Despite losing starting right tackle Anthony Clement before the season and center Mike Gruttadauria mid-way through the year, his 2002 squad allowed just 41 sacks. Largely because of Warhop and his troops' work, Arizona averaged 4.5 yards-per-carry on the ground, the 10th best per-carry average in the league and the team's highest average in 17 seasons.


Along with the sack record of 29 in 2001, Warhop's linemen also deserve much of the credit for the Cardinals 5.13-yard average gain-per-play that season, a team best since 1993 (5.18).


In 1998, his first season with the Cardinals, Warhop's linemen allowed 50 sacks, a 28-sack improvement over the previous season when Arizona allowed a league-high 78 sacks. Warhop's first Cardinal line also merited credit for Arizona's 18 rushing touchdowns, exceeding the combined totals of the two previous seasons (eight in 1996 and nine in 1997).


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Guest Aloysius

Here's something that I posted in another thread:


What's interesting is that new o-line coach George Warhop seems to bring a lot of new lineman to whatever team he coaches. Position coaches play a role in the FA/draft process, and Warhop seems to have pushed for early OL picks in both Dallas and San Francisco.


Here are the personnel moves his teams have made:


2003 (Cowboys)

  • Al Johnson, C, Wisconsin (2nd Round)
  • Justin Bates, OT, Colorado (7th Round)
2004 (Cowboys)
  • Jacob Rogers, OT, LSU (3rd Round)
  • Stephen Peterman, OG, LSU (3rd Round)
2005 (Niners)
  • FA: Jonas Jennings, OT
  • David Baas, OG, Michigan (2nd Round)
  • Adam Snyder, OG-OT, Oregon (3rd Round)
2006 (Niners)
  • FA: Larry Allen, OG
2007 (Niners)
  • Joe Staley, OT, Central Michigan (1st Round)
2008 (Niners)
  • Chilo Rachal, OG, USC (2nd Round)
  • Cody Wallace, C, Texas A&M (4th Round)
What's a bit disconcerting is that Warhop's teams spent this many picks on o-linemen, yet his lines gave up a ton of sacks and were known for inconsistent, underwhelming play.


Hopefully, that won't repeat itself in Cleveland.

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Guest Aloysius

Here are some stats on how Warhop's lines have fared in terms of sacks allowed and yards per carry. 2002 was with the Cardinals; 2003-2004 were with the Cowboys; 2005-2007 were with the 49ers.


2002: 21st in sacks (41), 10th in YPC (4.4)

2003: 18th in sacks (37), 24th in YPC (3.9)

2004: 14th in sacks (36), 22nd in YPC (3.9)

2005: 28th in sacks (48), 16th in YPC (3.9)

2006: 17th in sacks (35), 3rd in YPC (4.9)

2007: T-31st in sacks (55), 11th in YPC (4.1)

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Guest Aloysius
In S.F. he had a split role with chris foerster who is now niners o-linecoach. warhop did run blocking and foerster did pass blocking.

Only in '08, when Nolan decided to bring in Foerster to work alongside Warhop.

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thats true but look what happened when charlie frye was starting he held onto the ball to long and are o-line looked horible then they put d.a. in and he got rid of the ball quick, which resulted in a lot less sacks. alex smith is a mirror image of charlie frye, weak arm, good scrambler. Its easier to block for a guy when you no were hes gonna be. alex and charlie ran into most of the sacks.

If S.F. just gives us there 2nd or 3rd round pick for DA there o-line would fixed. kill 2 birds with one stone, get a QB and o-line improvement. sounds logical to me, hopefully there thinking that way to.

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