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CLEinChi's final Mock


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Since this seems to be the trend I will post my final Mock here, we also have a fun contest started up by Mike H , make sure to post your mock there to join in. http://thebrownsboard.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=28093


#4 Derek Carr, QB Fresno State

Since joining the boards after the Chud firing I have been pretty vocal about the idea that nothing really matters if you do not have a QB. Granted this extended draft process has challenged me in my perspective that there is a QB worthy of a pick at #4. I keep going back to one name though, someone who most people would believe would be there at #26 or even in the early second round...the more I learn about Derek Carr, the more I watch him in interviews, game footage and on Gruden's QB camp, the more I am convinced that this perception that he is a second tier QB this year is hogwash...this guy is going top ten, hell even to Oakland at 5 if the Browns do not select him @4. My favorite quote from his chat with Gruden "There is the media perception of me, and the one that matters".

I had been a TB guy for the entire draft process, but after rewatching the Gruden QB camp of all the top prospects I am convinced that not only will Carr be the first QB chosen, but he will be a great player in the NFL...not just good GREAT. The Browns will pick him without hesitation and possibly sit him him behind Hoyer to develop in calling pass protections (really the only thing he is not conistantly brilliant at). People will be pissed, but Derek Carr is THE QB the Browns should go after and who I believe will draft at #4.

#26 (or trade up) Darquez Dennard, CB Michigan State

I have no idea how he will fall to #26, he most likely will not, but I think the Browns go CB here and if we can move up or have someone drop to us at the position I hope it is this guy...Dominate man, dominate in press, closing speed to spare- dude is going to be a beast.

#35 (or swapped #2's to move up for above) Martavis Bryant WR Clemson

Expect a run on WR, but the Browns get Josh Gordon 2.0 - Long - Fast - good hands but needs development on route running. I love this pick, and even though they will get some flak for reaching for him at #35 - the Browns get their missing piece of a redzone nightmare for opposing D's.

#71 Christian Jones ILB Florida State

Athletic, pass rusher who can drop back in coverage - split time and compete with Robinson in camp and take over the starting spot alongside Dansby.

#83 Dakota Dozier, G Furman

Can make the transistion from T to G in the pros- big and athletic to play ZBS for Shannahan.

#106 (actually i think we move up ahead of Baltimore to nab this guy) Bishop Sankey RB Washington

Different type of runner than Tate and Lewis - provides depth and a workhorse shifty back.

#127 This pick will not exist

#145 Antonio Richardson, OT Tennessee

He will be out next year, but this pick is about providing depth and a taking a chance on a 2nd round type of talent as a LT prospect for the eventual replacement of Thomas or is Schwartz is not retained in 2015.

#180 AAron Murray QB, Georgia

Because why the hell not, Browns go into camp with a slew of QB's who can actually compete.

#218 Joe Do Duncon, Te Dixie State

Big Dude from a small school, an contribute to special teams and has the potential to develop into a backup or opposite Cameron in a 2 TE set




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Not ripping you but I'll give an honest opinion: what an awful mock.


1. Carr at 4 is a fucking nightmare. He may not even be a top 5 QB in this class


2. Dennard WILL be gone by 15 and a trade down will cost way too much


3. YOu can get better value at WR at 35 if Lee, Beckham, Cooks, or Lattimer happen to slip.


4. Christian Jones is a decent pick up along with Dozier but nothing in your mock draft wows me.


Not being a dick, just a major difference in opinion.


No worries bud, everyone has their own opinions, I tried to take what I thought was a realistic stab at it since the "contest" in the other discussion is about what you think will happen in the draft, and not necessarily who you want. I think games like fanspeak and first-pick along with all the extra draft coverage this year leads people down this path where putting together the draft is more like fantasy football than the actual draft.


I really like Carr, and unless Clowney drops to us at #4 I would be happy with the pick, and in a few years looking back I will look like an idiot for being big on Carr or just a fan who got lucky guessing. The Dennard scenerio might be possible if there is a huge run on WR in the first round, if we need to jump 5-8 spots for 26 and swap 2nd round picks (and maybe a 4th) to get him its not too costly with all of our picks. I just personally think they will go CB with their second pick (part of the rules of the "game"is guessing position) and I think the browns have the picks and the balls to move up to get him if teams start going crazy on WR's.


I agree that Lee, Lee, Beckham, and cooks are better values @35 but I think we will be picking later in the 2nd round and none of those guys will be there. I'll take Bryant over Lattimore though...



Every year the draft is vastly different than people and mocks predict and although this is not my perfect draft - it's my best stab at what I think will happen or at least what positions will be drafted.


so I guess my mock can be interpreted as taking QB, CB, WR, ILB, G....as well based on the conditions of the "contest"



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Now THAT was a Gawd Awful mock. I don't want to be a shithead, but taking Carr @ #4 is nutz and no way Dennard drops to 26.. Thanks for the effort and if that happens, put me on suicide watch.

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