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SC Mock Draft


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I'm only doing the first five picks. I'm not familiar enough with ALL the players to go far past that.


4. WR Mike Evans: I think Sammy will be gone. I'm convinced this pick has to be a SKILL POSITION DIFFERENCE MAKER for the offense.


26. QB Johnny Manziel: I think he's going to slide. I think all these teams (Rams, Cowboys, Eagles) its all smoke. Teams are weary of Manziel. Perhaps too much of a risk at 4, but a STEAL at 26. BONUS: Duo from A&M stays together!


35. CB Jason Verrett: Need a CB. Some analysts have him rated a mid first round pick.


71. MLB Chris Borland: Great value at 71! I hate the Gamecocks, that dude stood out against them.


83. OG Gabe Jackson: Solidify the interior of the OL.



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I hadn't read that about Jackson, but it could be right. I just looked at a few mock drafts around that pick to see what guards would be out there. If that is the case, BAD PICK.

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I like Borland...


Verrett as well...


But I do not think either will last until the picks you used to take them.

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