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Who would you take in the 7th round?


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Well, enough already with the first two rounds.


I would take:


Jamie Meder, 6'2", 295. DL, and second position...



He could become a very fine OG, too? Outstanding

character. Out of Ashland College.

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Kenny Guiton, QB OSU.


I know its a "homer" pick, and he may not even be drafted at all. If that's the case, sign him as an undrafted free agent. He looked a lot better than Braxton Miller, and I read somewhere that Urban Meyer would try to keep him on staff at OSU if he doesn't get to the NFL-that means (to me anyway) that the guy has the smarts.


Typically the late round guys are special teamers, or low risk picks as is. I'd take the chance. (I also saw that Tahj Boyd was rated at #298 in the Plain Dealer's top 300 college players. Another low-risk gamble there).

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Zach Tyler- under-sized linebacker that jumps snaps like Troy Polomalu used to.


Spencer Long- talented guard that would be a 2nd rounder if he didn't get hurt.


Zach Fulton- 4 year starter in the sec at guard. He is also nimble for his size, 320 lbs and ran a 5.1 40.


Colt Lyerla- Knuckle head, but is a solid receiving TE.


Jonathan Dowling- long center fielder in the defensive backfield. Occasionally comes out of no where and lays a big hit.

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TE LeBron James


Lets see what he would do then.


Nah, he would be a WR all day. I'd rather him run routes and keep the DB's occupied every play instead of ever staying inside to block. A WR tandem of Gordon/LeBron would be nuts!

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I like Kenny Guiton too, but if we took him, we could have a flat out EXCESS of backups. I will say this..I also think he's better than both Braxton Miller AND Tahj Boyd.

Bottom line is yes, I would spend a 7th round pick on Guiton.



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I had a basket of 7th roundish players in my mock. One or all should be around by our final pick.

Round 7 Pick 3 Pot luck see who is there...
Tom Hornsey (P-Memphis) - 45.2 ypp 29/62 inside the 20.
Senorise Perry (RB-Louisville) - 6'0-206# and ran a 4.40 - 40
Karl Williams (FB-Utah) - 6'0-244# and ran a 4.53
Ken Bishop (DT-Northern Ill) 6'0-306#; 31 reps and ran 5.23

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Peccorino Romano.


Colston Bassett (LOL look that one up.)


I'm down with Jeff Matthews- he may not last that long, or Guyton.


Jerome Couplin is worth a look too.

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David Fluellen, RB - Toledo

Keith Wenning, QB - Ball State

Willie Snead, WR - Ball State

Jerry 'Boo Boo' Gates, S - BGSU

Alex Bayer, TE - BGSU

David 'Chief' Kekuewa, C - BGSU


I'm a MAC guy and BGSU in particular, so I think these would be cool, though Wenning is probably the only draftable prospect.


and for the name...


Jerry Rice Jr., WR - UNLV

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