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Play it safe


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I don't think I have words to descride how pissed i am with Gordon. To me, he's done for the season.

So we have 2 picks left (127 (4) and 218 (7)). We have to select 2 receivers with those. And we have to play it safe. Get two surehanded receivers who will catch the damn football ala Edelman-Amendola. Kevin Norwood might not have a lot of potential but he is a possession receiver who will get it done. Same thing for Mike Davis. These two guys have big hands and make great catches. I don't want some big upside players who will probably don't do anything.


If our defense get it done and the QB doesn't do shit, this is still a playoff team. Seattle didn't have a Megatron or an AJ Green. And we should have a really good running game next year.

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