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Crowell will go for 100 today


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i'd love if they got them at the same time, as Tate gets a benjamin of his own.


whatever it takes short of cheating and preferably not ref-affected...but as long as we win...


that ravens game hurt...total stunner. 8 AM we had somehow made the 3.5 hr drive to Cle in just over 2 hrs :lol: and after an epic tailgate and great 3 qtrs of play i was feeling pretty confident and hopeful.


and then they fucking Browns'd another one.




after that loss i just sat there in my seat confused and lost staring w de-focused eyes for about 20 mins...


as i collected myself i saw that i wasn't the only person lingering and affected...so what else was i to do but mingle? some atercations w the stadium crew and a few choice words w the parking lot cops, the night unbelievably parlayed into another sort of victory later on!


here's to happy endings today as well! **cheers**



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Damn... about 81 pages shy of that count... but on the brite side...


There's my dawg's call...


is that after Tate get his 125?

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Nice call.


Tate was awesome, let's keep him healthy. Glad they found a way to mix in both youngsters as well.



He was out to prove he is the #1 back and Crowell and West are very nice compliments

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