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Bengals Receiver A.J. Green Carted Off Practice Field

D Bone

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"The Cincinnati Bengals had to hold their collective breaths when they saw wide receiver A.J. Green being carted off the field during practice on Wednesday.
It appears that Green, who suffered a toe injury earlier in the season, might have aggravated the injury. The odd part of the whole deal is that he apparently did it during the warmup portion of practice, with the media watching.
This is obviously disappointing and potentially disturbing news for the Bengals and Green, who only has missed one game with the toe injury, but it has affected his play throughout most of this season. The Bengals also are waiting to find out when Marvin Jones will be able to return to practice, so the team is short some wideouts as they prepare to take on the Carolina Panthers on Sunday."
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Did they calla toe truck?




Must have been too much, O-line number crunching cause while good, the line was no where near as funny as my outburst of laughter would make it seem...


At any rate it was funny enough to blow whatever reply I was scrolling down to make right out of my head...

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