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Edge of Tomorrow


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Great Flick


Action and humor. Does involve time shifting so it requires you to suspend belief a bit. My wife enjoyed it and its not bad for kids either, within reason.


Yeah, it does have Tom Cruise trying to play the action hero again, and he is getting long in the tooth, but he holds up well.

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I enjoyed this movie a lot.


I hadn't heard anything about it over the summer and I went to the local Drive-In one night and it was the second movie of the double feature. The wife fell asleep during the first movie (like she always does....waste of money for her to go...) and I debated whether to even stay and watch this one.


I was really glad I did. Honestly was my favorite movie of the summer.


Even my old man who watches 2 movies a night and says he hates everything, so his opinion is usually, that movie sucked, it was awful.


said this one was "meh".... haha.


I never read anything book wise, and I even looked up the novel "All You Need is Kill" that it's based on to read through because I liked the story so much.


It's pretty interesting the way they are marketing the DVD too. They basically changed the name of the movie to, "Live, Die, Repeat : Edge of Tomorrow". Don't think I have ever seen that before..

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This is actually, very surprisingly, one of my favourite recent movies. And not just because of Emily Blunt looking hot. It's an interesting concept, amusing, well put together, and they made sure to not have Tom Cruise playing a 20-something action hero.

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