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10 Year old Yinzer kills 90 year old Grandmother

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10-year-old boy charged with murder in killing of 90-year-old woman

By Elahe Izadi October 14 at 3:51 PM

Pennsylvania police say a 10-year-old boy lost his temper and killed a 90-year-old woman Saturday.

The boy, from Damascus, Penn., was charged as an adult Monday night with criminal homicide in the death of Helen Novak.

According to the criminal complaint, the boy was visiting his grandfather, Anthony Virbitsky, who served as Novak’s caretaker. The boy entered Novak’s room Saturday morning as she was sitting in bed. When she yelled at him to get out, he got angry, left the room and came back with a cane, the complaint alleges. He then put the cane to her throat and pulled back for about four or five seconds, police said. He also punched her in the stomach five times, the criminal complaint alleges.

The boy then went to his grandfather and told him that Novak was bleeding from her mouth but that he hadn’t hurt her, the complaint says. Virbitsky told law enforcement that he checked on Novak, who was “breathing heavy and looked scared,” but Virbitsky said that she wasn’t bleeding, and said she was okay and didn’t want to go to the hospital.

Virbitsky checked on her again later and called 911 when she wasn’t responsive. Virbitsky asked his grandson whether he had hurt Novak, and that’s when the boy said he had put the cane to her neck and punched her, the office of Wayne County District Attorney Janine Edwards said. Authorities arrived at the house to find Novak dead.

Hours later, the boy’s mother, Martha Virbitsky, took him to the Pennsylvania State Police barracks in Honesdale. Her son had explained how he had hurt Novak, Martha Virbitsky told police, according to the criminal complaint.

“I killed that lady,” the boy told police according to the complaint, later adding that he “was only trying to hurt her.”

An autopsy performed on Novak concluded that she died from blunt force trauma to her neck, according to the district attorney’s office.

The boy is being charged as an adult, since homicide charges have to be first filed in adult court in Pennsylvania. But the boy can petition to have his case moved to juvenile court, Edwards said.

The boy is being held without bail at the Wayne County Correctional facility, but Edwards said Tuesday that he is separated from adult offenders.

“The defendant is not in general population and is being supervised 24/7 by staff,” Edwards said at a news conference Tuesday. “He is not in ‘solitary confinement’ and is being provided recreation, television and contact with family via telephone today.”

The boy’s attorney, Bernard Brown, said evidence shows that the 10-year-old may have mental issues, and therefore may not be fit to stand trial, the Associated Press reported. Brown also said he will try to have the boy released into his father’s care. “The family is obviously an emotional wreck to have their 10-year-old removed from them and to know he is in a county correctional facility charged as an adult,” Brown said, according to the AP.

His next court appearance is Oct. 22.

The Washington Post generally does not name juveniles charged with crimes.

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