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Hoyer getting respect from media

Tim Couch Pulls Out

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Hoyer has been prominently talked about by all of the talking heads all season long, which is great. However, I put zero stock into that as this is primarily just for ratings.


However, I did have an intriguing conversation yesterday.


Some NFL Nation reporters had a webcast together yesterday on ESPN.com and, during the webcast, they had a Q&A session that I partook in.


While talking about Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams, Rob Demovsky, the NFL Nation reporter who covers the Packers, claimed that middle-tier quarterbacks need exceptional wide receivers to experience success while top-tier quarterbacks can seemingly find success with whatever receivers are around them.


So I posited that Brian Hoyer is, by that reasoning, more than just a middle-tier quarterback, since he's experiencing phenomenal success with a cast of reject wide receivers. It was a bit of a trollish question, I'll admit, but their answers surprised me.


Demovsky, after covering his tracks a bit, agreed and said Hoyer has a certain je ne sais quoi, or an "it" factor, that can't be explained conventionally. Coley Harvey (NFL Nation- Bengals) and Mike Wells (NFL Nation- Colts and former player?) readily agreed. While none of them would come out and flatly admit that Hoyer was a top-tier, franchise worthy quarterback, they did admit that he is clearly more than a middle-level placeholder and that he could be akin to Andy Dalton or, in the most extreme of cases, Brady.


Being that this was a webcast with no advertisements, they clearly weren't saying this for the ratings. Further, it was during a Q&A session about the Packers, not the Browns. Even further, an ESPN reporter covering our in-state division rival threw Hoyer mad props.


It was a bit surprising, to say the least.




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Good post... interesting to say the least. I think if Hoyer stays on pace. I think he'll be reckoned in that class of the elite.

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Jenna said what???



There were those of us that thought we saw "it" last year. Now we have confirmation and others have their revelation. But, yes, there are still others who just think Brian is simply a good story of a local boy on a good run.



Surprising thing to me is the contrast between the cool BH shows on the field and the agitation he showed addressing the "reports" of his "contract demands". At least he's applying his cool to the important part of his life...



Keep on "trolling", TC... and thanks for the note.

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