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This week's loss was all between their ears.


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I've given this week's whoopin' a lot of thought. I've come to a few conclusions. First, the team expected to win just by putting on their uniforms. Then, when it was obvious that wasn't going to happen the coaches and team veterans or leaders failed to point out they were in for a fight.


The first two drives should have told the whole team what kind of game they were in for. By the third drive;it should've been painfully obvious that taking the points was the correct choice. Then a deflated defense comes out and gives up a touchdown. But it was still a one point game.


We come out in the second half and create more third and forevers by throwing the ball way too much and not making the throws or catches. By halfway through the 3rd quarter Jacksonville knew the game was theirs. All because this coaching staff and group of players that claimed to be so hot on toughness could not find it in themselves to get tough and win this game by an ugly score of 12-10, 13-10 or hell 15-10. It can't be pretty all of the time. This coaching staff and players may not like ugly wins but they should learn to love em.

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