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Browns joke of the day.


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So this guy who hates (insert race, ethnicity, sexual orientation here, Ill pick the Bengals) is walking along the beach when he finds an old lamp on the beach. So he picks it up and wipes it off and lo and behold a genie appears and offers him three wishes. However there is one caveat, since he hates the Bengals so much every member of the Bengals and their fans will get double what he wishes for.


So the guy ponders it over and agrees to the terms and says his first wish:


Ill take 1 billion dollars. Poof, there on the beach is 1 billion dollars. All around the world every Bengal and fan gets 2 billion dollars.


2nd wish. I need a new 4x4 dual cab pickup to haul my money. Poof, theres the truck. All around the world, every Bengal and fan has two brand new trucks in his driveway


So the genie says, now your last wish, remember that all Bengals and fans get double.


The guy says...ok i want you to beat me half to death.

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