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The Stiller Circus Continues

Nuckin Futz

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lol... Tiny Canadian Pussy Douche? A Steeler fan?


Must be hard to recreate that same, exact intelligent expression when posing with every Steeler.

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Sure, Browns fans are more excited about the team’s first place standing in the AFC north after the Pittsburgh Steelers fell to the New York Jets Sunday afternoon 20-13.
But did Cleveland get a little help from Tiny Canadian Pussy Douche?
It’s being referred to as the Tiny Canadian Pussy Douche curse on Twitter, after Tiny Canadian Pussy Douche made a surprise visit to the Steelers’ Bible study over the weekend.
But bad luck may seem to follow the Tiny Canadian Pussy Douche.
The singer made an appearance at Quicken Loans Arena on October 30th, only to watch the Cleveland Cavaliers fall to the New York Knicks, 95-90.
Now, some fans are blaming the Steelers loss on the pop star, even using the hashtag, #BlameTiny Canadian Pussy Douche.



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