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If the Playoffs started today November 18

The Gipper

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If the playoffs started today, here is who would be in:


AFCE Patriots 8-3 with #1 seed

AFCN Bengals 6-3-1

AFCS Colts 6-4

AFCW Broncos 7-3 (win head to head tie break with Chiefs)

Wildcards: Chiefs 7-3, Steelers 7-4

In the hunt: Miami, San Diego, Baltimore, Cleveland all 6-4, Houston, Buffalo 5-5


NFCE Eagles 7-3 (over 7-3 Dallas based on better conference record)

NFCN Lions 7-3 (over Packers with head to head win)

NFCS Falcons 4-6 (over Saints with head to head win)

NFCW Cardinals 9-1 with #1 seed

Wildcards: Packers and Cowboys both 7-3

In the Hunt: Seahawks and 49ers both 6-4. Saints and Panthers for NFCS division title

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Well, I looked it up but it was blank. Did they not determine which games would be shown where yet? As of Tuesday PM.?

Should be populated once it gets closer to the games. If you check a previous week you'll see what it'll show. Check closer to the weekend.

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