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Liberal gov healthcare goes after private gun ownership for harassment


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Well, there isn't any other reason to include gun ownership into health records.


It's all about finding out where they are, so they can take them, or ostracize, fine, intimidate

those who own guns.


They could manipulate people into losing their jobs, their homes near schools, all sorts of

ways to raise their rates, like with medical care... and eventually, cause folks, they think, to

get rid of their guns because they can't take anymore. This has been talked about in

our U.S..... but this article.... is in the U.K.


A socialist bent gov can use gov records to control all aspects of citizens lives.



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well, we're talking the UK here, and all private ownership

of guns is registered with the gov.


Meaning, unless you have an illegal unregistered gun, all they have to

do is merge their already existent list of gunowners with the medical records,

and there you go, they can start "leaning" on gun owners. Higher rates, higher premiums, maybe

loss of jobs, it's hardly far-fetched.

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