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police shoot, kill 12 year old boy in cleveland.

The Cysko Kid

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Kid earned it. Those airsoft/BB guns are real af. I got a full metal scar-h rifle airsoft gun 5-6 years ago that weighed 12.5 pounds and was literally an exact replica of the real thing minus the orange tip. If the kid was ordered to put his hands up and still didn't let to if the gun I'd shoot him too. It's the cops duty, they're just doing their job. I'd shoot him as soon as he aims the thing anywhere near my direction. Better safe than sorry

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The police were called - 911. Report about a young man with a gun.


They confronted him, ordered him to put his hands up in the air...

and the kid reached into his waistband,,, drew his gun,...


and the gun, though an airsoft gun, was missing the orange tip.


The kid was black. It's the subculture. "gangsta rap" and the rest of it.


What parent(s) ??? let their kid go to the mall with a realistic looking airsoft gun

with no safety tip on it?


What kid would refuse to realize that he is in trouble, and better put his hands up in the air.


Very sad.


No fault to the police, I think.

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Right Cal.

I do wish the dispatcher would have conveyed the information that the witness thought it could have been fake and may be given that information and the fact he was a little kid they might have tried non lethal weapons. But I certainly understand that a gun is just as deadly and a hand of a 12 year old as a 22 year old. The whole thing is very sad.


As we touched on in the firearms thread my Mattel Fanner looked like a real gun.


PS die hard, only if the officer was white.



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If a cop tells you to put up your hands up and you reach into your waistband and pull out a gun, YOU ARE GOING TO GET SHOT!!!!!!!!!!

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