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If the playoff started today 11/25

The Gipper

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If the playoffs started today, these teams would be in:


NFCE Eagles 8-3...win tie breaker over Dallas on head to head record

NFCN Packers 8-3

NFCS Falcons 4-7...win by virtue of head to head win over N.O.

NFCW Cardinals 9-2 #1 seed

Wildcard: Cowboys 8-3, Seahawks 7-4 (wins tie break over Detroit and 49ers based on common games

In the hunt: Lions 7-4, 49ers 7-4.....also both Saints and Panthers are still in hunt for NFCS title


AFCE Patriots 9-2 #1 seed

AFCN Bengals 7-3-1

AFCS Colts 7-4

AFCW Broncos

Wildcards: Chiefs 7-4, Chargers 7-4 (win tie break over Balt/Pitt/Clev based on conf. record)

In the Hunt: Browns, Ravens, Steelers 7-4, Bills, Dolphins 6-4


Note that as it stands, all 3 AFCN teams would be out...(except div. winner Cinci.

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"Race" for the #1 overall draft pick:


Raiders 1-10

Jaguars 1-10

Jets 2-9

Bucs 2-9

Titans 2-9

Redskins 3-8

Giants 3-8

Panthers 3-7-1


Also, there are a slew of important games between contenders this week:


Eagles at Cowboys for NFCE dominance

Seahawks at 49ers



Browns at Bills

Chargers at Ravens

Saints at Steelers

Cardinals at Falcons

Pats at Packers

Broncos at Chiefs


(fyi, Bengals get Bucs)

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