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Best Pro QBs produced by each FBS school

The Gipper

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In the course of replying to another thread, I started doing this: checking out who were the best Pro QBs that have been produced by various schools. Well, here I will give the data for each FBS school and their best 3 QBs....or at least the power conferences, and perhaps I will do the others as well depending on time. By best I am using the single statistic used by Pro Football Reference and their Career Production average. At least lets say these are the most "productive" QBs in a career, if not best. Lets start with those QBs produced by each school currently in:


The SEC:

Alabama: Joe Namath 94, Ken Stabler 94, Bart Starr 90


Missouri: Babe Laufenberg 4, Steve Pisarkewisc 2, Chase Daniels 1


Georgia: Fran Tarkenton 149, Matt Stafford 44, Zeke Bratkowski 20


Florida: Steve Spurrier 26, Rex Grossman 23, Tim Tebow 12


South Carolina: Anthony Wright 10, Bill Troup 10, Mike Hold 1


Tennessee: Peyton Manning 172, Pat Ryan 13, Bobby Scott 10


Kentucky: George Blanda 95, Babe Parilli 60, Tim Couch 30


Vanderbilt: Jay Cutler 69, Billy Wade 48 (only 2 that registered)


Miss. St.: Joe Reed 12, Bruce Threadgill 3 (only 2 that registered)


Auburn: Cam Newton 49, Jason Campbell 48, Dick Wood 17 (yes....Dick Wood :blush:


Ole Miss: Eli Manning 89, Archie Manning 75, John Fourcade 12


Arkansas: Joe Ferguson 80, Tavaris Jackson 21, Lamar Mhan 9


Texas A&M: Ryan Tannehill 20, Ed Hargett 12, Karl Sweetan 9


LSU: Bert Jones 80, Stan Humphries 50, YA Tittle 44 * Tittle played some times when CA not computed





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Here are the best QBs produced by each school in the PAC-12


Oregon: Dan Fouts 122, Chris Miller 52, Bob Berry 38


Stanford: John Elway 138, John Brodie 99, Jim Plunkett 85 (too early for Luck


Washington: Warren Moon 119, Mark Brunell 96, Chris Chandler 77


Washington St.: Drew Bledsoe 103, Mark Rypien 56, Tim Rosenbach/Jack Thompson 13 each


Arizona St.: Danny White 84, Jake Plummer 77, Bill Kenney 51


Arizona: Nick Foles 16 (so far), Eddie Wilson 3 (only 2 registered)


UCLA: Troy Aikman 97, Billy Kilmer 75, Jay Schroeder 62


USC: Carson Palmer 88, Bill Nelsen 53, Rodney Peete 46


Utah: Scott Mitchell 49, Alex Smith 48, Lee Grosscup 4


Colorado: Kordell Stewart 59, Koy Detmer 4, Craig Penrose 3


Cal: Aaron Rodgers 88, Craig Morton 82, Steve Bartkowski 70

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Here are the best QBs produced by each school in The Big Ten:


Purdue: Drew Brees, 134, Len Dawson 110, Bob Griese 104, Jim Everett 87


Michigan: Tom Brady 145, Jim Hargaugh 78, Brian Griese 53,


Ohio St.: Mike Tomscak 43, Kent Graham 23 Terrelle Pryor 7 (Tom Tupa QB/Punter: 29)


Michigan St.: Earl Morrall 68, Tony Banks 42, Jim Ninowski 28


Maryland: Boomer Esiason 68, Neil O'Donnell 59, Bob Avellini 28


Penn St.: Kerry Collins 81, Milt Plum 53, Pete Liske 18


Rugters: Ray Lucas 12, Mike McMahon 6 (only 2 that registered)


Illinois: Jeff George 65, Tony Eason 36, Jack Trudeau 23


Wisconsin: Russell Wilson 31, Randy Wright 14, Bryce Bollinger/Ron Vanderkellen 6 each


Minnesota: Spergon Wynn...yes, Spergon Wynn 2, Mike Hohensee 1, Bill Garnaas -0- (pre 50s)


Nebraska: Vince Ferragamo 32, Jerry Tagge 8, Bruce Mathison 6


Iowa: Rudy Bukich 30, Chuck Long 11, Mark Vlasic 3


Northwestern: Randy Dean 2, Brett Basanez -0-......Otto Graham....no score, pre-statistic


Indiana: Trent Green 94, Babe Laufenberg 4, Rich Badar -0-


more later

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Here are the best QBs produced by each school in the ACC:


Florida St.: Brad Johnson 74, Christian Ponder 20, Steve Tensi 20


Clemson: Steve Fuller 29, Charlie Whitehurst 3, Charlie Saratt -0-


Louisville: Johnny Unitas 114, Chris Redman 9, Jeff Brohm 2


Boston College: Matt Hasselback 85, Matt Ryan 76, Doug Flutie 51 (NFL only)


North Carolina St.: Phillip Rivers 107, Roman Gabriel 98, Erik Kramer 41


Syracuse: Donovan McNabb 107, Jim Del Gaizo 3, Todd Philcox 3


Wake Forest: Norm Snead 87, Karl Sweetan 9, Ron Smith 4


Georgia Tech: Rick Strom 1, Andy Hall/Joe Hamilton/Jim Bob Taylor all -0-


Duke: Sonny Jurgenson: 101, Dave Brown, 27, Al Woodall 13


North Carolina: TJ Yates: 3, Scott Stankavage -0- (only 2 that registered)


Miami: Jim Kelly 103, Vinny Testaverde 97, Bernie Kosar 67


Virginia: Matt Schaub 68, Aaron Brooks 65, Don Majkowski 39


Pitt: Dan Marino 145, Matt Cavanaugh 15, Alex Van Pelt 7


Virginia Tech: Michael Vick 91, Don Strock 18, Jim Druckenmiller 1



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Best Pro QBs produced by the current teams of The Big 12:


TCU: Andy Dalton 36, Kent Nix 10, Hunter Enis 4.....note Sammy Baugh played before stat developed


Baylor: Cotton Davidson 41, Robert Griffin III 28, Don Trull 16


Kansas St.: Steve Grogan 90, Lynn Dickey 65, Josh Freeman 38


Oklahoma: Troy Aikman 89, Sam Bradford 26, Landry Jones and others -0- (Aikman played mostly with UCLA)


Texas: Vince Young 33, Bobby Layne 20 (played mostly pre-stat) Colt McCoy 11


West Virginia: Marc Bulger 57, Jeff Hostetler 56, Geno Smith 7


Oklahoma St. Brandon Weeden 11, Rusty Hilger 5 (only 2 to register)


Texas Tech: Billy Joe Tolliver 26, Several others with -0-


Kansas: John Hadl 104, Bobby Douglas 37, Frank Seurer 1


Iowa St.: Seneca Wallace 14, David Archer 14, Sage Rosenfels 13

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Best QBs produced by the current members of the American Athletic Conference:


Memphis Steve Matthews 1 (only player registered)


Central Florida Daunte Culpepper 86, Blake Bortles (incomplete data) only 2 registered


Cincinnati: Jacky Lee 17, Greg Cook 10, Tom O'Malley -0-


Houston: Kevin Kolb 13, David Klingler 10, Andre Ware 5


East Carolina: Jeff Blake 68, David Garrard 61, several registerd -0-


Temple: Henry Burris 1, Steve Joachim -0-, Tim Riordan -0-


South Florida: BJ Daniels -0- only player registered


Tulane: Bubby Brister 41, JP Losman 19, Shaun King 19


Tulsa: Gus Frerotte 56, Jerry Rhome 6 only one registered


Connecticut: Dan Orlovsky 6, Bob Leahy -0-, TJ Rubley -0-


SMU: Don Meredith 71, Mike Livingstone 43, Josh McCown 24

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How is the rating calculated? I'm surprised at the gap between Brady and Manning being that big.


Statistically, Manning is far and away the best regular season QB ever.



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Stanford so far has the most if you include Luck. Elway has two Super Bowl rings, as does Plunkett. Luck will get his share too. Browns might take a look at Stanford's current quarterback.

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