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We need Tom Tupa

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I only post this to bolster my claim from a year ago or so that the Dems have just as many ethical issues as the GOP. Add this to the list, along with with Richardson, Edwards, Daschle, Geithner, Rangel (he gets 3 points, at least), Spitzer, Blago....

Senate Banking Committee Chairman Chris Dodd is feeling more housing related heat. Already under pressure for accepting below-market mortgage rates from Countrywide as a “Friend of Angelo,” the Hartford Courant says the Connecticut Senator may also have paid a below market price for an Irish cottage in exchange for a pardon allegedly granted by President Clinton at Dodd’s request. The paper says the Senator continues to declare the value of the cottage at $100,001-$200,000 in Senate filings, despite a market value likely in excess of $1mm. Apparently the Senator is as confused about mark-to-market as he says he is about prevailing mortgage rates.
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