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NFL Trade Rumors: What is Kellen Winslow Worth?


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Since the Browns’ latest reboot with Eric Mangini and George Kokinis running the show, they have harped on one main theme. They are looking for team-first guys with good attitudes. Now there could be a whole host of arguments on both sides whether or not Kellen Winslow fits into that category or not. I for one, think Kellen Winslow easily could be the guy who buys in to a team-first approach depending on who was selling it. Obviously Phil Savage wasn’t the guy to do it and Romeo Crennel couldn’t pull it off either. Whether Mangini and Kokinis can do it remains to be seen. That being said, I think Winslow, while a bit of a problem sometimes, just hates to lose and thinks he is a key for his team to win.


Either way, let’s say for the sake of argument that Mangini and Kokinis don’t believe that Winslow is capable of being a part of this new team. If they were intent on trading him this year, what exactly is he worth? As Browns fans we know just how amazing Winslow can be. We know how distracting and hurt he can be too. Given his potential, what exactly is he worth?


The rumor out there right now is that the Browns have put a price on Winslow to at least one NFL team. The alleged price tag is a 2nd round pick and a player, or a 2nd round pick combined with a 3rd round pick. So, I will leave it to you Browns fans. Would you take that for Kellen Winslow, or would you roll the dice on him re-creating the amazing performances he put up two years ago in a Pro Bowl season?


I am 50/50 on it, personally. If you can get two picks in this upcoming draft for him, I guess I trade him. I am sketchy on his ability to play at a high level for the long run given what a battering his knees have endured. Notice, I don’t question the man’s heart. I think it is as big as any in the NFL. I am just afraid that his body might revolt at some point and keep him off the field. Also, it obviously depends on how good the talent evaluation of Kokinis and Mangini can be too. I certainly wouldn’t entrust additional picks in the 2nd and 3rd round to, say, a Dwight Clark level of talent evaluation.


So, assuming you can trust the talent evaluators (I really don’t want this to devolve into another bash session of who Lerner hired,) would you take that compensation for Winslow or would you keep him?


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If we can get a 2nd and 3rd for K2 I'd be on it.

Look, the kid is good but we've got some problems here.

Kellen Kenevial's knee is thrashed and I've got NO clue how much longer it's going to hold up.

He's going to want big money on a knee where we MIGHT get 3 more productive seasons out of him (I'm including the last season of his contract in there as well) then it's all downhill and cap kill.

If you can get it, you take it.

And if you draft right you just gained 2 starters for the price of 1.


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the reality is, he already got traded.


what's the point of this thread?



I thought it was interesting take on the pre-trade perception of K2's worth, and that the Brown's got close, per this guy's opinion anyway.


I put the date of the blog in the subtitle.

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