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Around the League Gameday discussion


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Just thought I'd start this to discuss other games while waiting for the Browns game to start.


Just saw Troy Smith get into the Rats game for a few plays while Joe Flacoff's helmet was getting fixed. The Rats "D" looks tough...the pricks.



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What's with the Redskins this week? Losing 10-3 to the Lions? The Saints looks good against the Chargers as well.

I'm going to feel a whole lot worse about that Skins loss if Detroit beats them this week.

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This thread was the very LAST...or First if you will on the entire board....from the switch in October 2008.


Just thought I would give it an update.


Let's see...Gameday discussion.


I think the next gameday is tomorrow....for the NFL, not the Browns.


DumbAssTexans defeat the River City Kitties.


And those public employees of the Wisconsin Meatpacking Company defeat the so called Norsemen.


However, (and I learned this from my favorite author, Bernard Cornwell), it is technically a misnomer to call a person of Scandinavian descent a "Viking". Technically, anyone can be a "Viking" or as it is more properly used "to go Viking". A person from Africa or Asia or South America could go "Viking". To go viking merely means to go raiding the lands of others....to rape, pillage and plunder..and conquer. (over the Flatlands of Cleveland?).

Of course, the term derived during the period of between the 8th and 10th century when the Danes and and Nordic people were invading England, Iceland...even North America....and it became stuck to those of Scandinavian descent, but technically that is not right.

A Zulu could go viking.

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