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Obama lied about the Bin Laden raid/killing and burial

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I wouldn't be shocked if it was a lie. The "well we dumped him at sea and didn't take any pictures that we will make public" thing really tipped off my B.S. detector. If I were president I would have been carrying him around like Weekend at Bernie's so everyone could see what the SEALs did while I was in office.

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Bin Laden died years earlier stemming from kidney disease. His "assassination" was just another charade put on by this regime.

Nobody dares speak up about this for fear of being labeled a conspiracy theorist looney tune.


Without even reading the article, the details I recall..


Bin Laden had kidney disease. He required dialysis treatments administered by a sophisticated machine to stay alive, therefore he needed to be at a hospital or dialysis center, or have a machine delivered to his fucking cave making him much simpler to find.


President Bush had received reports from foreign sources that Bin Laden had died. He instead dismissed them, presuming it was a scheme to call off the dogs.


The reasoning behind not airing pictures of a dead Bin Laden was to show respect toward Muslim custom, yet the pictures of a dead Sadaam Hussein, his two sons, and other Muslim terrorist we took out were put on display all over the internetz without any regard for Muslim tradition.


One of the most damning bits of evidence...this was the video aired of a man purported to be Osama sitting in front of his TV in his hiding place Pakistan. This lie was aired by our democrat run mainstream media.

These Pakistanis vehemently deny the man pictured was Osama.



Btw there are a bunch of videos debunking Obamas lie.

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