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A Name that Should be Revered in Cleveland

The Gipper

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With all the blather and argument that goes on on this board about the Quarterback position......and as much as we all sometimes talk in reverent tones about past successful Browns QBs like Kosar, Sipe, Nelsen, Ryan, Graham, there is a Cleveland QB that no one ever mentions....yet, all he ever did was win the first NFL title won by a team with the name Cleveland on the jersey. The man's name is:


Hoge Workman


He was the Quarterback of the 1924 Cleveland Bulldogs that won the 1924 NFL title.

(but just a note: he did not play for the Canton Bulldogs)


Here is a link to his accomplishments that year:




And another guy who should be mentioned is Doc Elliott who ran for a lot of TDs


So....while we can complain about JMZ and Josh McCown etc. remember the guy that brought the first NFL title to a team named Cleveland.

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