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Obamao's plan to steal America away from Americans


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Just bring in millions of illegals, criminals, hard core criminals, mentally ill illegals,

any illegal...


and give them the vote. They will be dependent on the dems in national office for their

survival, and will overwhelmingly vote for dems.



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As a nation of immigrants we have always been liberal in allowing legal immigration into our country but illegal immigration is wrong. It seems like those who jumped to the head of the line will be rewarded over those who are playing by the rules and are trying to come here legally.

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The illegals they insist on given a free pass to

"invade" here...are the destitute - who will be

totally dependent on gov support.


Witness Obamao and his gov desperately working to stop

that German family from staying here.


They were skilled, could get jobs/had jobs, and wanted to

be free to home school their children.


And Obamao and co. fought and fought against them staying.


Paints a very devious, extreme leftwing picture, doesn't it?

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If Immigrations did make a real effort to round up illegals, at this point they could likely just apply as asylum seekers. Mexico is a drug cartel warzone.


Even if we get a Republican in office in the next election, they will talk about giving citizenship to illegals as well. Both parties just care about winning their vote. The rule of law always comes second to winning votes.

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If I hear of one rep releasing rapists, mental cases, drug cartel wonks,

and violent criminals for a free pass to citizenship - I'll be just as sick about it.


The amount of crime from illegals is a crisis. I believe Mexico is

emptying their prisons and mental wards, to let America

take up the problem.

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