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I guess these black lives don't matter


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No legit reply, eh, Chris?


It's a black subculture, rampant with serious anti-social, violent views and behavior.


what was he supposed to say? Omg we need to deport all black people now? Dylann Roof walked into a church and shot a lot of black churchgoers....time to send white people back to Europe from where they came? And you have zero idea about this family. What if those boys were sexually molested by their father when they were young and the mother sat by and watched it while she got coked up....huh? What about then? That happens a lot in impoverished neighborhoods, and not just with black people. Happens to boys as well as girls too. I have no idea that's the case here, the boys could claim that but also be lying out their ass. We don't know. Point is there's no reason to bring this family up as some index of the "black subculture". That's bush league horseshit.

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