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Feels good to get a win


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Ive been a Browns fan for over 30 yrs. And since the days when Bernie Kosar left, this team has been a sub par team. Since the team returned in 1999, I had hopes of a resurrection of a historic NFL team and being back in the championship games, and finally reacing the Super Bowl. But sadly, its been the total opposite. Yes we had a few seasons with 7 wins, but it sure would be nice to see the Browns be up there with the other top teams, like the Patriots, Broncos, Colts, and Steelers. The start of a new season is under way, we have a 1-1 record and I have hopes on making it to the playoffs. GO BROWNS. !!!

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Metropolitan Regions with the most Football Championships:


Cleveland/Akron/Canton: 13

Green Bay: 13

Chicago: 11

New York: 9

San Fran/Oak: 7

Dallas: 6

Pittsburgh: 6

Baltimore: 5

Boston/Prov.: 5

Washington: 5

Detroit: 4

Philly: 4

Buffalo: 2

Denver: 2

Houston: 2

LA/Anaheim: 2

Miami: 2

Indy: 1

New Orleans: 1

St. Louis: 1

San Diego: 1

Seattle: 1

Tampay Bay: 1


If you consider Baltimore/Washington as a single Metro area.....which probably should be the case, but they don't do that....B/W would have 10

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Don't be on so much auto-reply, Gip. Literally nothing he said is refuted by what you posted.

Nothing was intended to be refuted. It was intended to be a pep talk for him...to show how well we have done here at this game of pro football in the past and that we can be that good in the future.


(well, perhaps the one thing I was trying to refute is that NE, Denver, Indy, and Pitt. are the top football markets....they aren't. They have had good teams lately...that is all).

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