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Believe it or not this Can Be Done

The Gipper

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Yes, believe it or not we can play the Game: "Who would be in The Playoffs if they started this week"

Actually 10 of the 12 playoffs spots would be determined....and there would be teams tied for the last two WC spots:


AFCE Patriots....via better division record over Jets

AFCN Bengals....only 2-0 team in div.

AFCS Jaguars.....better conf. record over Tits

AFCW Broncos...only 2-0 team in Div.

Wild cards: Jets 2-0....then tie between Browns, Bills, Chiefs, Raiders 1-1 (1-0 in conf.)


NFCE: Cowboys... only 2-0 team

NFSN: Packers...only 2-0 team

NFCS: Falcons....better conf. record over Panthers

NFCW: Cardinals...only 2-0 team

Wild cards: Panthers 2-0....then tie between Redskins/49ers/Bucs


Too early? Maybe....but it would not surprise me to see some of these team maintain these positions throughout.


Hell....the fact that I can put the Browns name down here makes it worth the effort.


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