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American Embassy in Paris refuses to shelter or assist American ..white female college students


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during the terrorist murders in six locations. It's AMERICAN PROPERTY.


If they had been black, Obamao would have had them brought inside for their safety, at least

long enough to arrange for them to get back to a safe location...I'm sure.


And, Ambassador Stevens...was white. So, he was expendable to higgardly and obaMao.



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I don't think cal even read the article. It clearly states how French personnel turned them away and why, apparently the French president was sating in or near the compound and the whole block was on lockdown. It sucks but that's the way shit works. The article also clearly goes on to explain how the young ladies were helped and understood why they had to be turned away. Cal has regressed into knee jerking links on to this board without fully reading them. He's being suckered in by the titles but doesn't bother to read the article. That's next level lazy.

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Cal, you are starting to sound like every race card waving jerkoff. Take it easy. The situation is messed up but has nothing to do with race or racism. Pump the brakes.


You are correct. I'm knee jerking to cleve's insipid knee jerks about everything anybody posts, like calling me anything

I say about Obamao...and higgardly.........so he can somehow pretend he knows what he's talking about, so he can argue with it.


I have to go take another shower, dammit.

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yes, you are an idiot and the bounceback I give you is correct.


However, it's also annoying everybody else, including me.


dammit. :mad:



oth, you continually are an intellectual lightweight with no justification

for your knee jerk arguments. You can't back up what you claim...


it's the usual personal attacks. I like to blabber, but I can also show

why I take one side of an issue or another in a lot of detail.


What I say about liberals - you and woody are the very best examples

of me being correct about the way you don't see reality.


And, you both are seriously boring and inane.



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I think Cleve, Woody, and Walter are the three evil demon frogs on the board.

They must have been hit by insecticides at an early age.




They should be banned....

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