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Urban Meyer Rumor

MLD Woody

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I can't imagine any of that is true, and there is a very, very small chance it happens...


... but I'm curious what the opinion of OSU fans on here would be? Good? Bad?

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I think a lot of coaches would love to get a shot at an NFL gig, but when you're at the high profile colleges, I don't think it's worth it (to leave for an NFL job).


He (or any of these top college coaches) could call Chip Kelly, Nick Saban, Butch Davis, Petrino, etc. and get an opinion- I bet all those guys would tell him to stay put at OSU. Heck, even Tressel left the Colts to go back to Akron.


Urban doesn't have much to prove at the college level. He'd get a fat payday by Haslam, but more grief in the pros. More media obligations, salary caps, less power and influence over players, etc.


He doesn't seem like a guy who is doing it for the money, so it would be up to him to decide if a Super Bowl is worth chasing.

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Its just the rumor mill: Meyer is going to the Browns.....Saban is going to the Browns....Tressel is going to the Browns....


Joe Paterno, Bear Bryant, Knute Rockne....are coming to coach the Browns.


Yada yada yada yada


That very same article on the side said the Browns would be going after Josh McDaniels.

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Why would he want to leave Columbus for the Browns?


He is a GOD down there. He can do whatever he wants there.


Here, he would be just another college coach trying to win in the NFL. Most fail


Stay in Columbus Urban.


You can't outwork people in the NFL. You can't out facility anyone in the NFL, just ask Nick Saban. That's why he failed. And you can't half ass it like Spurrier did either.


NFL head coaches work 16-20 hours a day. EVERYDAY.


No alumni diners or golf outings in the NFL.

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