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Who Are The Impact Players In This Draft

Sony Reed

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I really believe that the Browns with the number 5 selection in this draft need to come away with a impact player a guy you can pencil in to start from day 1.


So looking at this draft who is the guy that can improve this team the most and have the biggest impact on defense or offense, we need guys on offense that can score touchdowns or a guy on defense that creates turnovers or is very disruptive.


IMO there are only a few guys who I feel would be Impact players in this years draft.


1. Michael Crabtree.......Would come in a be a starter and give this team a true number 2 receiver who could/would replace Braylon Edwards if he leaves or is traded


2. Beanie Wells.....Would give the Browns there best running back since returning, a guy that could carry 20+ times and a threat to take it all the way each time he touches the ball.


3. Rey Maulauaga.....Would give the Browns a intimidating force in the middle, a hard hitting LB and would cause fear to people going across the middle a player that the Browns lack, IMO would do more for this defense then any player in the draft.


4. Knowshon Moreno......would offer the same as Beanie Wells who would start from day one and be a impact player


While many people feel none of these guys offer value at the #5 position these are guys IMO who would help this team improve the most.


When you look at the teams we have to beat in the AFC North you see one thing in common they all have defensive players that are impact players and game changing type players from Ed Reed, Ray Lewis, and Terrel Suggs with the Ravens to a Troy Palamalu, LaMarr Woodley and James Harrison with the Steelers and thats the type of players the Browns lack.


So looking at the draft what players do you think would have the largest impact on this team? Does Aaron Curry if he's available make the defense better than a Rey Rey or a Michael Crabtree or Beanie Wells on offense. yes we need a pass rushing LB but is the risk worth drafting a college DE and converting to outside LB.


We can't afford to miss with our picks in the 1st and 2nd round this year.


I am hoping we can trade down a get some extra picks, there is no player I see we need worth the #5 selection in this draft other than Michael Crabtree.

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I'd add Jenkins to that list and I know some won't agree but A LT is a difference maker, a impact player to me so J. smith would go on there also.


For me Curry is solid and safe and a great football player, but I don't see Ware or Merriman when I look at him or Orakpo.

I can't argue with any of your other choices.


But, I see a lot of Keith Byers in Wells and I'd be afraid he would end up with a career like Byers instead of a mega stud RB in the NFL.


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Guest Masters

No way can CLE pass on Curry if he is there some how.


While Curry may not be Merriman or Ware, they kind of aren't Curry either. Those guys can't play inside or out. Curry to me is the mold of a Vrabal, Bruscci, or A. Thomas. You can him all over the place at LB and he can be disruptive in each position you put him in. I will take that in my 3-4 LB core any day of the week.

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i know i'm in a staunch minority, but i think brandon pettigrew will be an excellent NFL player. he's versatile and can line up as a traditional TE, but he still has enough functional speed, though not great timed speed, to make plays as a receiver. he's not a deep threat by any means, but he can work the middle of the field, be a safety valve for the QB, presents a big target and can both pass protect and block in the running game. he won't make 30-yard catches, but he'll get 4, 6, 9, 12 yards at a time, which is enough from a TE to draw attention in the middle and allow the WRs to focus on outside/deeper routes.


pettigrew is an old-school TE, but the hybrid TE idea has faded recently because people realized that having a gigantic #2 receiver as a TE sucks because you have an extra guy on the field who can't block, so you're more committed to throwing the ball. only the colts have really made it work, and they're a completely unique case because of how their offense is structured.


as far as the rest go, here's my list:


crabtree/maclin (one will bust, which i'm not sure)


alphonso smith (best corner in the draft)



malcolm jenkins (at FS)




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