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I've written about this on here before, and basically, yes, she's not wrong, but not completely right either. People were getting in to big mortgages that they couldn't afford, spurred on by predatory mortgage lenders, who in turn were driven by a market need for more mortgages, to supply the mortgage backed securities.


So yes, people getting in to big mortgages are to blame, but they're far from alone in that.

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wait, it still isn't the stupid decisions by the mortgage getters that can't afford it.


It's the banks. They APPROVE these bad loans.


But why?


Democrat liberal president. Making the emotional wrong decision (knee jerk), for

allegedly the right reasons. Government interference by liberal big government,

for politically advantage results...clouded by do-gooder rationalizations.


and yes, Bush continued them. it's tough to reel big gov/entitlements back in.

That is the dire message to us.



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